It All Starts Here

What a perfect start to the year. Starting a new job can always be daunting but with a positive, optimistic attitude anything can be accomplished. Its all in the mind set and I have a feeling this year I will really be testing my brain training strategies. This new role pushes me to step up to the challenge in a way that I have never experienced. It’s that feeling you get when you know they have placed high expectations on your work and the value you will bring to the team. I’m constantly trying to find my place and bring new ideas to the table, which has been successful so far. I hope this motivation is stable throughout the year. It’s always hard to say if the excitement of something new will eventually wear out. Either way I am going to make the most of this surge in motivation while I can.

A major gain is the time I now have to spend with my kids. As a full-time working mum the concept of ‘work-life balance’ becomes a challenge. Working close to home makes such a big difference #sydneytraffic. Not only the time you get to spend with your loved ones but also the energy you can bring to the interaction. I admit I am still trying to figure out a happy medium where I can feed the rabbits, get the kids organised for school, make sure they eat well, make sure I eat well, be at work on time, get enough exercise, cook, clean and  manage to have a conversation with hubby by the end of the day! It’s just a matter of prepping and getting organised for the week right? (easier said than done when you have Netflix and the latest episode of Suits just came out).

Kemps Creek – I didn’t even know this place and I live 10 minutes away. Only a short drive and it feels worlds away. The pristine country houses and trees, so many trees. Every time I drive to work it feels like a road trip to the Hunter Valley and nostalgia slips in. Simply perfect rain or shine. As I drive down the long drive way and around to the farm house it feels like I’m pulling into a home away from home. Getting out of the car I can hear the roosters next door in their coops and it takes me back to my Fiji trips and returning to nani (grandma’s) house in Saru. All these feelings and I haven’t even walked in the door yet, simply amazing. I’ve always preferred a country vacation compared to a tropical one. Theres something about the dry grass, the fresh air and open space that makes me feel free.

“When the lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window” ~ Maria, Sound of Music

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