Number 1: Vodka Cranberry

1 x shot of flavoured (preferably citrus) #absolutevodka or plain vodka
Fill rest of glass with Cranberry juice
1 x thin lemon wedge

– Vodka is my poison of choice at the moment. I find it doesn’t give me headaches the next day so I can have a couple and still be ready to go in the morning. It also doesn’t play around with my mood (note to self: check out any research on alcohols effects on mood) and instead just brings me to a relaxed state where I can forget my troubles.

Number 2: Gin and lemon lime bitters

1 x shot of Gordons Gin
Fill rest of the glass with lemon lime bitters premixed with soda

– I’ve recently become a fan of gin. Its slightly sweet taste and pure vodka like appearance makes it very appealing to me. When mixed with either soda water or some sort of soda flavoured juice it goes down quite nicely on a hot summers day. Once again brings me to a state of relaxation without the mood swings the next day. What puts this drink at second best however is sometimes can get slight hangover from 1 drink.

Number 3: Wine

sauvignon blanc

– My two favourite types of wine. The Sav Blanc for the summer and the Merlot for the cooler months. Wine is currently sitting at third place because although it is conveniently available everywhere and a tad bit fancy, it does seem to make me sad the next day. Still in testing phase but I’m pretty sure there’s something in it which affects mood. Also generally the cheaper the wine the bigger the hangover the next day (I feel a definite positive correlation between these two factors).

“It’s been one of those days for like 3 years now” ~Me




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