Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow

There comes a time in one’s life where you make a decision to let go, put it all behind you and move forward. Its that feeling of being reborn and taking a personal oath to never look back. The only way for you to be happy and positive is to keep looking forward. Learn from the past and make your mistakes (thats the best way to learn how not to do things).

That surge of motivation and positivity needs to be maintained because its very tempting to look back every now and then and dwell on the past and what could have been. I find keeping myself engaged in activities that bring even a little bit of joy to me helps. Make a list of what fuels your fire and begin the journey to really understand yourself, who you are, what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Try not to fall in the trap of ‘having regrets’. Whatever was meant to happen did happen for a reason, do what you need to whether it be forgive yourself or someone else and move on. Sometimes going through the pain is the only thing that will wake you up again.

It is important to stop and analyse the situation and do it without judgement. Take this reflection and use it to stop yourself from making the same mistakes in future. If it doesn’t work repeat the steps again, make it a habit in everything you do. Sure there will be good and bad days but the importance is how you hold yourself and pick yourself back up. When you feel the negative energy approaching let is pass through you. Visualising this helps and then you can be done with it. Feel invincible and be proud of it because “ain’t nobody gonna bring you down!”

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself” ~My present self

Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid

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