My Favourite

My best friend, the only person who is even close to understanding me. The only person who has tried. Friends of 15 years and counting, we have watched each other rise and fall and there is comfort in knowing someone will always have your back no matter what. All these years I have tried to fault you but I can’t, if I do it only lasts for 1/2 day and then I realise it was just me who overreacted.

You make me feel like you would do anything for me, and I hope you feel the same with me because in all honesty I would burn the world for you and would do anything to protect you from harm. You are such a gentle soul, always calm and collected, you are an inspiration and keep me in check with reality. You understand I am a floater and love to escape and I understand your way of coping is pretending everything is ok. Sure we disagree on issues, but  we know the trick is to work through this and help each other see it from a different perspective. I admit I am still trying to figure you out, but I guess this is why we met, challenge accepted. There are good days and bad days. Days full of what if’s and days full of thank god I have you in my life.

The boyfriend I watched transform into a compassionate husband and loving father. A father who would do anything to protect his babies, his family. A father who also like me is still figuring out this whole parenting thing, and deep down knowing we will never have it cracked. Thats the joy of life though, getting through the challenges together, learning, growing as a family.

There is nothing I would rather do than watch Netflix with you. You are my Gogglebox (free commentary that can make any sad romantic story a comedy). The most amazing feeling when we are able to laugh together, laughing tears and its always over something that is so simple/trivial or stupid, something that only we would understand because of what we have been through. Also when we give each other that look of agreement when we we’re thinking KFC time. Its all those little things that shape my memories with you.

So what do I want? I want you to throw your caution to the wind, I want you to be free with me, I want you to turn up late to the party and not give a damn. I want to watch you grow into someone you love. I want you to lead.

“Take my hand and lead me to wherever you want to go… I promise I will not let go…I trust you.” ~Your NAM


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