Weirdos Are Us – The Pluviophile

Pluviophile. a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

My mother always told me I was born on a stormy, cyclonic day. I use this as an explanation to why I love this type of weather. Where most people find this dark, dismal weather draining I find it is when I am at my best and thriving from the lack of yellow sunlight. It makes me so happy hearing the sound of rain, its hard to explain the feeling. That feeling that everything is going to be ok and you can just relax for the day.

I have probably conditioned myself into feeling happy during these times because in school you usually get to stay indoors and do art and craft when its raining, so this is probably where the relaxed feeling comes from. My favourite flick “Twilight” was set in an area where I wish I could live. Its that cold, grey type of weather that I love. All the surroundings are green and fresh and because its usually companied with cold breezes you need to wear layers of clothes which I love. So warm and cosy and comfortable.

That sound of thunder and lightening excites my senses, its that feeling of being in a tent in the outdoors but knowing your safe and sound in your shelter among the chaos around you. When I was young I’d build forts made out of sheets in the lounge and just sit in silence listening to the rain and thunder outside, and it was so calming and peaceful, so peaceful I could fall asleep. Its the weather where you just cuddle up with your special person or blanket and watch movies all day.

I am writing this blog as I hear thunder and rain outside and it inspired me, it reminded me to appreciate the little things and write about the little things that have such a big impact on my day. I feel like I can breathe and see clearly without the heat and blaring sun in my eyes. I am really looking forward to the drive home today where I will be right in the thick of the storm.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” ~ Vivian Greene




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