Going Back In Time – Memorable Movies

This movie was released in 1997 which made me 13 when I first saw it. The 13 year old me heading into year 8 of high school. I guess this is when I had plenty of time to kill (only when looking back 20 years compared to the time I have for myself now) and I remember watching this every couple of months. I tend to watch movies I really like over and over again, its my mini escape. If I relate to a particular character I use it as a guide and motivation as to how to proceed in life. It only lasts for a couple of days until it wears off though and I realise it was just a movie, not reality.

But somehow “The Saint”  stuck with me and although it’s been a couple of years now since I last watched it, some scenes still manage to weave its way into my thoughts every now and then. I also found the music really compelling and very much similar to Bourne series how the violins and orchestra feel made it seem more adventurous.

What drew me in is Elizabeth Shue’s socially awkward/eccentric character. I related to it, her longing to just belong in a world where she was seen as a quiet nerd. Then came her socially awkward but driven person and flipped her world upside down. I also liked the way he was able to take on different personalities and studied his victims to make himself more appealing before he went for the kill. I have noticed this is similar to how I approach new acquaintances in my life, I study them and what they like and then I try and become that person for them. I do this all because I wanted to give myself the best chance of being accepted instead of rejected.

Back to the movie, after all “Simon Templar’s” efforts Emma still managed to make him see who she really was and change his selfish money hungry motives. Yes, thats what kept drawing me in, at the age of 13 the dream of finding someone just as socially awkward as you but someone who also saw you in a light that no one ever had, that feeling of being special in someones eyes.

I don’t know where I’m going with this but something this morning motivated me to write about the movie that helped me escape but may also have provided false hope. I find it really hard sometimes to distinguish between fact and fiction. I guess it comes with maturity and life experience and the constant telling yourself “its only a movie, these things don’t happen in real life”. Anyway point is it was a really good movie with a great soundtrack and something you can emerse yourself in for a couple of hours.

“True nostalgia is an ephemeral composition of disjointed memories.” ~ Florence King

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