He Said – Chillax Bro

“I am like a falling leaf, I will go wherever the wind takes me” ~Copenhagen (the movie)

Had to use a .gif for this one to try and capture the emotion. So I’m sitting at our dining table and about to have dinner. He is in my ear about something, the kids are yelling and I’m feeling overwhelmed having just gotten home from work. Then I hear it, the rustling of the palm trees just outside the door and the background becomes silent. Its dusk and beautiful breezy weather with a tinge of light left in the day. I take a deep breath in and make the most of the breeze and it just takes me to another place.

The floater is floating again in her thoughts that don’t seem to stop. Takes me back to Fiji, back when things were simple, when I was a child. It also takes me away to an island where I am by myself in silence enjoying the peace of it all. All of this in 5 seconds of hearing the leaves of the palm tree rustling. It calms me and changes my mood instantly. That elated feeling that soaks through top to toe and deep breath out. The sounds are slowly coming back now and I know exactly what to say, how to deal with it.

The timing was perfect and I wonder if there really is some higher power out there looking out for me. Its hard for me to accept though because I believe in science, but its moments like those, moments of pure beauty that makes me wonder, maybe. It’s my favourite part of the house, I love looking through to the two palms while I’m preparing food and the breeze that comes through that part of the house is simply gorgeous, fresh. I’m ready to live life again and solve all of their problems #queenB.

The view

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