Espress Yo-Self

Coffee, the one addiction I am happy to stick with. Having the most tiring day yesterday, my anticipation for this mornings coffee hit was higher than usual. Hence my inspiration to write about it today. Its become something that adds value to my life. It provides me the motivation (be it real caffeine hit or placebo effect) to chug on with my day. It gives me energy to proceed, opens up my eyes and gets me mentally prepared for the day ahead.

Aside from the kick, it’s also got a beautiful aroma and taste if you manage to find the right beans. Just to be clear I’m not talking instant coffee here (thats my last resort if nothing else is available – yes I am a coffee snob). My top two beans at the moment are Campos (Superior blend) and Will&Co (which ever blend they use, their coffee is A-mazing). It becomes the highlight of my day if I am aware of encountering either one of these in my day.

Some of the best chats I’ve had in my life have been over a coffee and I don’t know if its just me but I feel the “coffee culture” in Sydney is getting popular and the arising of cute little cafe’s in hidden locations are the best. It’s like a discovery every time, who knew that whole in the wall led to a trendy cafe like “circa espresso” – good times.

My cafe scene tune.. if I ever end up owning one.

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