Heavenly Experiences – A Walk To Remember

About a year ago I went for a walk. But this wasn’t just any walk, it was a track walk through Wentworth Falls. I remember my head space was not great and I was going through a lot of conflicting feelings. So when a close friend asked me if I want to join him for these walks he always goes on, I was quick to accept the invitation. I thought, a walk would do me good, give me some time to clear my head and compose myself.

When we got to the destination I already felt at ease with the cool crisp air early in the morning. I was conscious of my breath and made sure I was really making the most of the fresh air and taking deep breaths every now and then. As we started walking I started noticing my surroundings and we reached a spot where there was all this green moss on a huge mountain rock next to me. We were walking along on the edge of the cliff and the wind was at its peak in this particular area.

It’s hard to explain what I felt at that moment but I would imagine it to be somewhat of an outer body experience. It was like all of my senses had been heightened and I was completely consumed by the moss and my surroundings. So consumed that I didn’t even notice my friend walking on while I felt frozen at the mountain rock. All I wanted to do at that moment was touch the moss, I remember running  my fingers across the moss and it was soft to touch and then delving deeper in I noticed the little creatures within the moss and I started following their movements. Carefully looking at the trails they had made to get from one end to the other.

That was the first time I had really paid attention to anything in a while. It made me realise I had been so consumed in my feelings and myself that I had in a sense completely missed the life all around me. It put everything in perspective and at that moment I realised there is no point worrying over things that might or might not happen. Focus on the beauty around you everyday, stop, take time to notice your surroundings, breathe and shift your focus away from the negative. It was a day that I’ll never forget.


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