Making Motivation – The Dancer

It all began at a birthday function, she was 7 and the music was in disco beat (Hindi, can’t remember the song may have been Alicia Chinai – she was popular back then). As she moved in sync with the beat she felt a crowd surround her. She quickly learnt how to keep their attention, even if it was only for 5 minutes until the song was over. They cheered, they clapped and she spun around in circles for them. There it began, she was getting requests to perform at functions and she was always looking for the next hit.

The high you get from performing in front of people is not one that can be easily explained. One must experience it for themselves to truly know this euphoric feeling. Its nerve wracking in the first instance, but when the music is on and all eyes are on you, nothing else matters. Or at least that’s what she thought, that’s what made it so addictive. As she grew older and wiser though it started to feel less like entertainment and more like being a show pony. She didn’t feel like she was dancing for herself anymore.

Now she dances to make herself happy, no one else. Her audience is in her mind and she gets to choose who can watch. Her lounge room is her stage and she dances without fear of judgement, only to the music and the beats she feels leading her every step. Taking her to an escape where the adrenaline from the movements of her body kicks in and with this combination of beats she is the happiest person, full of life and not a care in the world.

I can watch this all day…





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