Balayage Baby

Pamper time, me time, time for a change, call it what you want, the feeling you get after walking out of a fresh cut, colour and blow dry is not far from addictive. Its the quickest hit to make you feel good about yourself and lasts until your next wash (because you never seem to get that salon style at home). The best part is you sit there and do nothing while the creative geniuses work their magic.

Which brings me to Jess, my dedicated creative genius. She knows what is best for you and you leave it up to her and she works her magic every time. She is the perfect combination of chatty and polite and of course her hair is always on point giving you the utmost confidence that she knows what she is doing. She has a well placed tattoo on her right wrist which makes you contemplate getting one on your wrist as well. But what ice’s the cake is when she puts on her classic round readers to cut your hair, and you think to yourself what a great look that emphasises the focus and care taken to make sure every slice is perfect.

I start thinking about the training she has received, how long she has been working here and whether she is married or not. I am quick to catch myself on these thoughts  and get back to fb purposely scrolling on beauty and hair pages to redeem myself worthy of her. At the end of the session I am feeling nothing less than fabulous and I owe it all to her…until next time.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” ~google


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