Colorfest 2017

2017 – my year of new experiences, ticking off the bucket list (watch this space). So I’m all geared up ready to take my boys to the colorfest. Haven’t been to one of these before but I had heard the colour run is pretty popular. But what drew me to this colorfest was that there was no running involved (which meant I could take the kids) and it was family oriented. Also there would be music and dancing involved, so that pretty much ticked all the boxes for me.

Attending with my favourites (sister and cousins) it was funny how we looked for the food as soon as we got there (and thats why they’re my favourites, we have our priorities in order). I’m noticing the kids expressions as we are walking up to the venue and all you can hear is sub woofer music and I instantly feel 100 years old. They are loving it though, never been in this type of environment and I can feel their excitement build as we walk past people who look like the rainbow.

After eating, we have coloured ourselves up and I think thats the bit the kids enjoyed the most, the difference of having someone encourage you to throw colour on everyone. No restraints, nothing clean just go for your life in the name of fun. There is a massive group of teenagers just dancing and cluttered in front of the stage. I am quick to notice the parents with kids surrounding the teens on the outskirts and I decide that is my place. I’m still feeling a little old for this function at this stage and since there is 90% teens at this venue I was the minority.

So I’m focussed on taking pictures of me and the kids and at one point this stranger comes up to us and offers to throw colour on our faces while I’m taking the selfie. I am taken aback and this sense of unity flows through me. I stop feeling uncomfortable about the whole age gap thing and start seeing everyone as humans all trying to have fun, no discrimination and I feel myself letting go and loosening up. Peace and love, the inner hippy was unleashed. All up a great day out doing something different for a change.

“This will always be our song my bubas” ~mumma


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