A Trip Away – USA

The US of A! What a trip that was, it all seems a bit of a blur now but I remember feeling that was the first trip where I was going somewhere different (other than the usual Fiji and NZ trips). Nervous about the length of travel I hesitantly boarded the first flight (AUS to NZ). To our surprise we got the Air NZ Dreamliner, what a beautiful beast! The best in features and plenty of leg room even in cattle class. Highly pleased only to be shut down with the plane we changed to complete the longest part of the trip which was a plane on its last run, with pilot on his last flight. Not sure why they announced that, doesn’t really restore confidence in nervous travellers like myself. The word “last” was slightly worrying.

But hey, I was there and travelling with two of my favourites so might as well make the most of it and have some wine to calm the nerves. Plus not everyone is as fortunate to be able to leave their kids in safer hands than your own. Its wedding season and as soon as we arrive we are straight in the thick of it. Im grateful to meet all the family over there and it takes me a while to get adjusted to the time difference. I’m looking forward to exploring LA and Vegas after all the wedding hustle and bustle. Got to LA and it was a little grey, not what I was expecting. Not much to do over there, but we probably didn’t know the right places to go. Universal studios was awesome, but I kept missing the kids and thinking how much they would have loved the place if they were there. I started making re-trip plans where the kids are with us (still planning that one).

Vegas, deserves a whole paragraph to itself. The weather is extreme, the people are extreme, everything heightened. Again I’m with 3 of my favourites this time. It’s nice travelling with people who are an injection of life and just as willing as you are to try new things. An unforgettable night of drinking and dancing and getting kicked out of a club (a story I tell with pride). Next day another awesome night of less drinking but more dancing and David Guetta! Still can’t believe we got to see him DJ, something I will never forget (Thanks Dev). The atmosphere when he took over was amazing. Not sure where these people were but it’s almost like they popped out of nowhere and the half filled venue now seemed over crowded (in a good way). Once again I’m taken aback by the feeling that comes over me when seeing strangers dancing and having fun together. That sense of belonging even if it is short lived.

Looking forward to the next trip with the kids there. Would love to explore around the east coast and Washington, in particular Forks 😉 (Twilight reference).

“Once a year go some place you’ve never been before” ~Delai Lama


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