Status: Its Complicated

It really isn’t. You make it complicated for yourself. Perhaps you enjoy the drama, angst, sleepless nights. Something to get your mind off the real issue.  Its time to break the habit so that the cycle doesn’t repeat itself. They will never understand you and you will never be what they want you to be.

There are no more courageous people left in the world, everyone wants it handed on a silver platter. Cynical maybe, but life has a way of doing that to people. Good friendships are hard to come by so I’m glad I met you. But I’ve never been good at figuring out the dynamics of what it is to be a good friend. Too much contact, not enough contact which leads to no contact at all.

I like to say it was fate that kept us in contact. You don’t like to admit it but you know me better than I know myself. I know you’re tired of waiting and I don’t blame you, I would be the same if I were in your position. I can only hope you see things through my perspective and understand where I’m coming from. I called you my life saver because your timing of contacting me was perfect and exactly when I needed someone to talk to. I know how selfish that sounds now.

This one is a little disjointed, this one will be left uncertain for a while. Could it be possible to go back to the way things were? This one can’t be rushed and needs to be dealt with delicately. It’s important.

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