Psychics, Psychology & Sheer Bad Luck

“The Fool’s Meaning. The Fool is a very powerful card in the Tarot deck, usually representing a new beginning — and, consequently, an end to something in your old life. The Fool’s position in your spread reveals which aspects of your life may be subject to change.s.” ~ TrustedTarot.Com

I’m 25 and in turmoil. Desperate for some answers I make my way to Bathurst Street on my lunch break. The whole place is mystical from start to finish. The scents, music and atmosphere greet you and prepare your mind for what is to come. I’m greeted by my “counsellor” for the day. In a moment of child like thinking I question whether she may  be able to read my mind and know exactly what I am searching for.

We’ve sat at the table and she’s dealing what I’ve convinced myself will be the truth. They all seem to point to a death of a situation and new beginning. Then she draws the fool and says “he has many but will never have the one”. I ask for further explanation, knowing this one has struck a cord somewhere amongst the neurons. She explains that a person can be surrounded by may who admire them but they miss out on developing a meaningful relationship with one person in the process. If you keep focussing on many you don’t give yourself to focus on the one.

6 years later and this is starting to make sense now. I know its a journey I had to go through to get here, to realise he was right beside you every step of the way.  Taking a moment to reflect on the past to where I was and where I am now. This is one of the moments which stood out as an influence of how I started making a change to  how I saw myself. Appreciating the opportunities I have had to figuring it all out in my own way.

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