The Next Hit

I think I may have nailed down what really makes me happy and excited to be alive. Number one is being a mum and wife, doing whatever it takes to make them happy. Seeing them enjoy themselves or get excited about something is an indescribably feeling. This feeling gets heightened if I have played some part in their joy.

Number two is a little more selfish. So I’ve recently started doing classes at the gym and at first it was a means to confidence building and enable me to feel good about my body. But now it feels like I’m hanging on for my next hit. The next hit of adrenaline,  lighting up of the hippocampus, euphoria.

I’m all suited up in the latest feeling like I fit in. I can sense the reluctance of everyone awaiting for the brave one to take the first steps in the middle front row of the room. The brave one takes the first steps and I immediately follow, she has set the acceptable distance from the podium to the front row  and I am quick to join, placing myself in the middle so i have optimum view and more importantly everyone behind me has optimum view of me. Yes that’s correct ladies, never fear I will lead you.

The enthusiasm of the instructor is a great start and she turns the music up really loud just the way I like it. Loud enough to sense the vibrations in the walls and we’re all hyped up now. As we progress through the routines I’m overcome by a sense of unity. Our bodies all moving in sync, and there it is, that is the point where the adrenaline kicks in. I feel elated and full of energy and I don’t want it to end. The thought of getting a high from something that is really good for my health keeps me in check and ready to face another day.


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