Making the most of your time here 

How are you? It’s not often one focusses on another without putting themselves first. The goal~ be selfless. You are here to sense, taste, learn from one another. Make the most of it, take advantage of it. Be open to listen and open to take in criticism. Learn to criticize and take it as positive feedback. Take time to explain why you feel and take time to accept why they feel. Take it in without judgement, that is the only way to grow in an informed manner. All you have is the information you are provided and that of what you actively seek. You can never be another so stop trying to know what one is going through. Always try and walk in their shoes, see it from their perspective. Enjoy life for it can be cut short accompanied by a flashback of regret. Face every day with humility and dignity. That sense of what is right. Follow your heart for it is the only truth you know. Do not be ashamed, you are not a prophet and can’t predict what others are going through or have been through. You can only be there in the present and advise provided your extent of knowledge. There is nothing else you can do but be supportive, be present and be humble. Life is learning how to people, how to human being the best way you can given the knowledge you have.Live it like it’s your last day, moment, breath.

^a note to self… don’t you ever forget your purpose and who you are and what you believe in… life is beautiful ^

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