“Music is Life” – Cliche I know, but I feel theres no better way to explain the role music plays in my life. All my encounters has also reinforced how important it is to majority of people. I have a friend who I communicate with based on the lyrics of songs (the unspoken yet understood feeling). It never ceases to amaze me, how can one tune have the ability to change my mood? It seems simple but it feels like it needs to be more complicated.

To be honest I’ve been struggling to write this one, theres been a lot of thinking behind what I want to say, but the hardest part is trying to find a way not to make it sound cheesy. Everyone likes music, it has an impact of everyone’s life, I get it. I really want to emphasise the importance of it though. Music has enabled me to experience all forms of euphoria given the combination of environment, tune and company I’m with. It gives me chills, brings back memories and helps me get through difficult times. Its quite magical watching my kids really take interest in their music as well, they both like different genres. Little one is into soft rock and older one is more into pop.

I don’t discriminate between genre’s, its whatever hits the right chords inside. Finding a new song is like finding gold, I binge on it, play it on repeat until I get bored and then onto the next find.

Words won’t do it justice, let me take you through a journey:

Primary school:
Coolio – Gangsta’s paradise

High School:
Silverchair – Freak & Tomorrow
Prodigy – Smack my bitch up, Firestarter, Breathe
Usher – My way album
Brian McKnight – Back at one album
Live – Throwing copper album
Linkin Park – Meteora (this one was on repeat during yr 11 and 12 = tough times)

Rainy days:
Norah Jones – Don’t know why
Lucky – Jason Mraz
Twilight soundtrack

Zedd – Clarity
Ellie Goulding – Hanging on
Lifehouse – Everything

Atif Aslam – Jeena jeena
A.R Rahman
Bajirao Mastani soundtrack

Flight Facilities – Claire De Lune (Yep the Telstra ad campaign one – 4:44 sets my soul on fire)
Linkin Park – Heavy (R.I.P Chester)
Louise Tomlinson – Back to you

But this one pretty much sums me up:



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