My Dad the Film Buff

His favourite genre is Westerns…

Its a form of escape, watching someone else’s trials and tribulations without being expected to have any input in the outcome. You are free to just sit and watch how it all plays out. Movies have always been a big part of my family. My dad’s passion for his movies and entertainment systems was passed down to his daughters. If I had my way I would watch movies all day and at a very early age knew I wanted to work in the industry in some way or another (still a work in progress) . Going to the movies was my ultimate date night goal and not surprisingly my first date with my favourite ended up at the movies.

As a family our preference is either Bollywood or psychological thrillers having quiet conversations throughout trying to predict the murderer.  Still to this day I feel genuine happiness knowing my time spend at mum and dads will end up as a movie night. On these nights there are three things which dad insists on:

1. Comfort –  everyone has their assigned comfortable seating with recliners 2. Food – Make sure we have snacks and drinks ready to go
3. Surround sound – turn that sound up for the ultimate experience (of course dad has ensured the home is wired up to give you that ultimate home theatre experience)

He has always been my personal movie reviewer, letting me know the latest releases and which one I should bother watching. He knows me well so I trust his judgement and 90% of the time he is right. I always thought he would make a great movie reviewer and it was a shame he was not working in that industry. I’m glad we were brought up the way we were, where entertainment and comfort is key. I’ve recently noticed I’ve passed this passion onto my kids, and maybe it’s the tone and excitement when I announce “movie night”. Popcorn, assigned couch seats and blankets, our happiness.

~Happy Fathers Day to my Dad (my mentor, counsellor and friend)


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