The hopeless romantic

A Friday feels inspired piece…

Ever since she understood the concept of romance it totally consumed her. Anything she would do would always be fuelled by a romantic notion, or powered towards a romantic outcome. It was tiring and not always fruitful, but somehow she always found the strength to start again. She wanted to be wooed, dramatically loved and fought for. There needed to be some taboo around the romance so the fight made it clear she was worth it and the love was real.

When she was older (and some may say wiser) she started to question her behaviour. Where did it stem from? What was the reason behind it? Why couldn’t she be happy without it? She found it hard to understand how someone could be happy living life without thinking about it every second of every day. That constant struggle trying to find someone out there who understood. She didn’t need words, she could see the understanding in their eyes, the door to their soul.

But it always turned out to be thin, just like the hearts in the image. Thin and strung up high out of her reach. It never turned out the way she wanted, it was always “lazy love” as she liked to call it. A one way street where she would end up giving her soul and get “thin…temporary romance” in return. Time after time the hollowness chipped away at her romanticism until there was nothing left.

She is left jaded and finally feels like she fits into society. A society which is not propelled by romance but by finance and practicality. Its all about survival and creating a future…there is no processing power for fickle notions of simply does not exist. Her eyes are open now and she has never seen more clearly.


This one resonates….

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