Vintage – Back in My Day

I’ve always had a habit of getting fixated on things and going through “phases”, and it looks like phase of the month is VINTAGE. More specifically its a slight obsession with vintage 20s – 60s fashion style. Women back in the day were such Betty’s, with their delicately rolled hair and the perfect combination of fitted and flare dresses. The more I look into it, the more I get drawn to it.

Lets take a walk down memory lane, waiting outside the tutorial room for my philosophy class ready to chat about circular reasoning (1st yr uni). I’m drawn to what sounds like 20s jazz music when I realise my aspiration is sitting in front of me. With her 50s dress on and hair up she has a kind smile as she enjoys the music through her earphones. I make a note to search for 20s jazz when I get home that day and create a playlist. So I guess I have always had a connection to this era.

So the plan is to weave the style into wedding season in November. The hair, the accessories teamed with a sparkly black saree and voila the result…. classic style. It’s not only the fabrics that attract me to this era, its also the way women carried themselves. With great poise, confidence and a glimpse of free spirit, its definitely something I aspire to. Flappers from the 20s, billowy skirts of the 50s and hair hives from the 60s is my current definition of fun. Not forgetting the elusive winged eyeliner technique.

One can only hope to be invited to a fancy dress vintage themed party now. Lets add that to the bucket list. In the meantime I’ll keep my eyes out for the sales at Kitten D’amour and watch “The Notebook” and “The Great Gatsby” for entertainment.

“Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons” ~ Savannah Larsen


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