The truth is a beautiful thing

Someone once told me denial is the worst kind of lie because its a lie you tell yourself. Fake it until you make it? Perhaps, but man that can take a major toll on you throughout time. Chipping away at you until you come to a point where you don’t even know yourself anymore. So why do we struggle to tell the truth to ourselves sometimes?

I can be sure enough to say I have always appreciated the truth, be it good or bad, although I am a firm believer to always keep in mind what you think is “bad” at the time could turn out to be the biggest growth experience in your life which you can draw from later in life. Nonetheless there is a certain beauty and push for action which lies in the truth.

To my kids if I had one piece of advice to leave you with on this earth it would be to be truthful, to others and more importantly to yourself. The only way to resolve an issue is to identify it and lay it out in its purest truthful form and then begin the journey to repair and find a solution.

Feeling very thankful today for all my past, present & future experiences and time that I have been given ~ my ultimate truth






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