River Rampage

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy” ~Rumi

I start off my day with a steaming hot shower, it awakens my senses and gives me alone time to get my thought processes in order ready for the day ahead. If the thoughts become crowded or overwhelming I write them out on the shower screen door while the steam slowly fades the words away. It becomes a form of acknowledgement and release. On more practical days I will write out a plan of what I need to get done for the day, so I am one step ahead of what my goals for the day look like before I am bombarded with a list of things I need to do for others (family, friends, work).

Since I can remember I have always had a natural flow of thoughts when I’m near water, be it near a lake or beach, washing the dishes or in the shower, its my moment to drift away into my thoughts. You know that feeling when you can’t here your external world anymore and the voice in your head gets louder? Thats the feeling I get being around water where my thoughts take over. It’s only in the recent year or so where I have made a conscious effort to catch myself where I have recognised my behaviour. I have also noticed the thought process is exaggerated if the water is in flow movement such as a river or running tap water.

So what must one do with this information? For now I want to find a spot surrounded by water for my writing and see what influence this has. I am hoping it will generate thoughts which are beyond surface level so I can get to know myself and motivations a little better.


An old but very interesting study…

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