Head in the clouds

That right there is the ideal setting, a house lit up inside with dusky clouds and the wet street. As I stare at that photo in a SanFran setting so many emotions pass through. Have you ever driven past houses at night and wondered what life is like for other people? I remember as a child (and sometimes even now) I used to look into other people’s homes while driving past and think about what life must be like for them. When the lights were on and the curtains open I would go so far as to place myself in that home and imagine living a different life.

You could say Ive always been one to have my head in the clouds. I wouldn’t really say I’m working on being more practical but life has a way of pushing you in that direction I guess. Sometimes I let it go and let myself be there. Why the hell not.. every now and then is acceptable right?

My recent discovery of my obsession with clouds has reminded me of the bigger picture. There is a heavenly stretch of road just before turning into my street which makes the clouds appear closer…almost reachable. It’s a perfect juxtaposition of reality ( the houses and life on the road) and fantasy (the sky above me). I’m always admiring that view stretched out bigger than life itself. I purposely drive slow on this section of the road and perhaps even pause for just 2 secs if no one is driving behind me.

One deep breath and suddenly everything falls into place. Appreciate life and the opportunities you have been given. This isn’t the end there is plenty more to come.

That of which you worry is not as important as you think, nothing is bigger than what beauty lies before you. Those peaks of white, patches of sky blue and on special days the pink which turns into orange which turns into pale blue…simply stunning.

‘The sky is so pretty today’ a phrase I have caught myself using more often these days. But I never really know just where to find you…

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