My mother – A pillar of strength

As balanced as the stones, calm as the water, beautiful as the lotus my mother has always been my guide to being an outstanding human being.

Dear mum,

These last couple of weeks have been a reminder of how incredibly strong you are and I hope you have felt appreciated, although I know this is not your priority. That’s what makes you so special, you are always willing to give from the goodness of your heart. I know this can take a toll in the long run and I’m not sure whether it has on you but you definitely don’t show it. The way you stood by dad’s side like an immovable mountain, even the nurses admired your calm nature knowing dad was in a panic state. Only you could have kept him calm and unafraid and I could see his anxiety float away when you were beside him.
It was then that it became clear to me why my search was so important. The unbreakable bond between two human beings which I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by my whole life. A constant reminder of the end goal. I’m sure this would be different if you weren’t the person you are, always keeping the peace and knowing how to tackle any situation in your own special way.

Your empathy and ability to fix anything broken be it physical or emotional never ceases to amaze me. I’m proud to say I have been blessed with your craft talents,  your dance skills and most importantly those high cheekbones. It’s easy to forget that you are not just my mum, you are a women with your own dreams and aspirations and despite this you have always managed to put your family first.

I’ve realised that we  never really sit down and had a talk about you and what you have always wanted out of life. Guilty of being so consumed in myself and my problems which you have helped me through every time, I’m going to make an effort to chat with you more often and make an effort to get to know who you are. I’m finding as I get older I am distancing myself from people in general focussing on my two boys and their needs. So although it may seem I am distant at times and always rushing out the door, just by being in your presence in that short period of time provides me with assurance that everything will be ok.

Thank you for setting an example not only for your own daughters but for your grandchildren and all others around you. You have taught me there is no need to get carried away, with a clear and calm mind anything can be accomplished. Set your goals and nothing can stop you.

No words can do justice to how truly special you are….

Love Always Your Lee

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