The Year Of Acceptance

Another year gone… but somehow this one was different…this was a good one.

In the coming weeks I have been hearing a similar response to the year end of 2017, i.e. “it was was a good year”. It got me thinking what makes it a good year for someone? Is it getting through the year without financial strife or meeting someone new or something entirely different. I guess it depends on the individual and their personal goals.

For me this was the year of letting go. Letting go of the past and being ok with it. That feeling of knowing everything will be alright one way or another. It was the year I started this blog and found a vent for my frustrations and thoughts in general. Funny how one is more open to sharing thoughts with strangers rather than those close to you.  Either way it has been life changing…just like Netflix…also life changing.

It was also a year of acceptance. Acceptance of motherhood, marriage and growing old and being perfectly fine with it. This one I’ve been waiting for quite some time and I am happy to say age 33 was my acceptance. Being a mum of two I have often wondered what is an ideal age to have kids. Pros and cons to both arguments, however maturity and life experience outweigh’s the energy required to raise toddlers. I have accepted that the journey was my own and timing was meant to be for what it was and realise I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I am really excited about moulding my minions into respectable young men.

Now that it’s 2018, I am a little scepticle of the goodness of 2017 to continue. But positive mind and soul will get me through. I am hoping it will be a year filled with travel (in particular trip to Melb with my favs), and more time spent with my boys. A year filled with motivation and ticking the goals and life changing music, books and cinema. One can only hope I learn to speak my mind a little more this year as well. Oh and not forgetting Bruno Mars in March!!! 😀

And this will be my anthem…hopefully ending with a mic drop at the end of 2018




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