Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Saying the words amazing without truly meaning it is an injustice… this dream however is nothing short of breathtaking. If only there were a way to hologram your dreams into reality. It comes to me often and always starts at the beginning….

The mood is excitement and wonder. The wind is strong and howling and the stormy skies above are spitting rain. I’m holding both my babies hands, one on each side and we are trundling through the knee high golden grass finding our way against the wind. It’s as if we were placed in a foreign land and excited to explore the vast terrains. Looking up all I see is land surrounded by an edging of water. It might be a beach or a cliff where the ocean is in view.

The theme of our conversation is “where are we?” and “lets explore”. When the ocean is in view the wind is calm and we are no longer struggling to get through it. Eyes alert now in discovery mode and a whole heap of paths to follow. There is someone guiding us, but I can’t make out who it is. Masculine in tone and unfamiliar and yet a sense of safe..safe enough to be lead. We reach the water’s edge and giant creatures leap through the water and onto the land before us. Sliding through they are strange looking seal like in body with small elephant trunks. The mere size of these beasts are terrifying but they are gentle and pose no harm. So fear turns fast into amazement. Disbelief that we are able to experience this, we are now at the top of the cliff and all strange big and little beasts start to appear.

This section becomes more theme park related and the tone has changed from wonder to knowing why we are here. We came here to spectate and watch these beautiful unknown creatures surrounded by a feeling of exclusivity, once in a lifetime opportunity. The open air, freedom, change and endless possibilities….until its over and I am awoken by the morning light ready for a new day.


If my soul could speak…


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