The Art of Passion

As the memories become distant, fading away in the background she grips onto her yearning for passion just one last time… ~ A restless mind

Have you ever felt the fire burn within you? She feels it creating a skip of a beat and flutter in the depths of her being forcing her to take a deep breath to calm the nerves. The reminiscing is a magnetic force that attracts her and she can’t explain how or why, but she can feel it drawing her in closer every time. The closeness filled her soul and made it complete.

She wrote: you are standing at the edge of a cliff and all you have to do is take that first big step. Focus all your energy on that one thing and take that leap of faith. The rest will sort itself out. What matters here is passion, your life instilled with passion.

As she writes she feels her head fill with doubts of childlike notions and the non existence of this so called passion. At the end though she is the only one who knows what she felt.. feels and knows it to be her greatest truth.

Just for a minute let’s embrace this feeling and be set free in the moment, the touch, the passion, the breath.

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