A day in the mind

AM: alarm goes off, yet to face another day.

Chores, duties, errands etcetera. Run through the list and prioritize what will happen in the next couple of hours to get you out the door in time. Can I get away with not going to work today? Scrap that too much stuff on at the moment. The decision is made, get up and get going. Running through the motions and feeling great about having the time to make breakfast for the kids, help them get ready and out the door. Complete sense of appreciation for this opportunity and bonus of seeing Mum every morning, getting the opportunity to chat for abit. Drive to work ends up as usual, I.e. questioning how I got from point A to point B while being consumed by my thoughts and my music the entire way and apparently paying attention to road rules. Multitasking at its best.

PM: Is it lunch time yet? Indeed it is, isn’t it fascinating how your body clock just seems to know these things and alerts you to take a break. Well done for another left over lunch *slow claps*, think about the money you have saved and the calories too. How relevant is my work to the overall benefit of the world? Scrap that it benefits the bills and the mortgage.

5pm time to go, wrapped up for the day as the next prioritized list appears for the next few hours. Pick up the minions, meal prep, homework, gym, reading. A little stressful if anything goes out of step/routine and seems to be getting worse with age. Then it’s time for the favourite part of my day. Me time, rest time, done for the day, job well done. In the quiet you make an appearance and I wonder if you ever got that tattoo…

Until tomorrow…

Loving this one this week!

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