Right Of Passage – Bound By Love

Definition: Ceremonies that mark important transitional periods in a person’s life,   such as birth, puberty, marriage, having children, and death.

They say the tighter you bind your children the more rebellious they will become. Its all subjective I guess, this so called rebellion. To one parent a child getting home at 10pm would seem outrageous while to another having their child return at all would be a good night. The point is finding the sweet spot between discipline and freedom. I am paused by that word…freedom, its so liberating and yet has been out of reach for so many years.

This gap of being bound has a profound effect of one’s upbringing and outlook of life. Being stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to reclaim the time back and experiencing what you supposedly “missed out on”, only to find out that everyone else has moved on. So you are stuck, these urgencies remain constant yet inactionable. I want to take this opportunity to emphasise how important these rights of passage are, to be completed at the appropriate time to avoid the constant looking back later on in life. Easier said than done, as a parent understandably it is difficult to not worry about anything and everything.

I can see it clear from where I am standing now and have the ability to put it into words. I feel like I am finally “over it” and can see the pointlessness of going back at all. So I can only conclude it takes a lot of time and a whole lot more life experiences to realise and fill in the gaps. To those who understand or might be experiencing this constant reflective mode, my advice would be to constantly question it and in time you will realise that you didn’t miss out as most of it was a glorified version of what you thought it might be.


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