Rarity of Humble Humans

Humility: “The quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.”

So it turns out the world doesn’t revolve around you and you are merely a player in the game, just like the rest of us trying to get through the best way we know how. I get it, it can be easily misunderstood as confidence which is encouraged in today’s society. But there comes a point where you become transparent and it doesn’t take much to see your motives. It becomes a little embarrassing being the one having to listen to the ‘talk’, all the while knowing the ulterior game plan.  It comes to a point where your audience has lost interest in the conversation because they are distracted by the blatant insecurities which are highlighted in front of them. Having to resort to ‘puffing’ yourself up all the time, surely would become tiring?

Of course everyone has flaws, but if I had a choice this overconfidence and in a sense ‘leading yourself on’ would be pretty low on the list. Two main reasons, firstly the amount of mental capacity taken to cultivate how you will be coming out on top of every conversation I would imagine is both exhausting and shows your underestimation of others being able to see past the bullshit. Secondly trying to prove you are right or know everything all the time inhibits your ability to grow and learn new things. As hard it may be to comprehend, it doesn’t always need to be about you. If you would take the time to actively listen to what others have to say you will not only open yourself up to different point of views but you maybe even learn a thing or two. Modesty is attractive and lets people know you are more than just trying to be on top, instead you are willing to have an open conversation accepting you may have different point of views and both of them may be wrong.

I can only put it down as a defence mechanism for covering up the low self esteem? Perhaps its a trait of one’s competitive nature? Or maybe its just a millennial thing i.e. lack of life experience. The challenge now is to find an inoffensive way to highlight the transparency. This can be my learning curve, I guess everyone needs to go through their own journey and pick up their own learnings through their own experiences.

Repeat after me: “Oh that’s interesting, I didn’t know that”

Of course it had to be this 🙂


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